Teen Driver Education Full Course

Teen Driver Education Full Course-Tomball Location

Tomball Elite Driving School offers the state required 32 hours of classroom training, which students can complete in 16 days. The driver education class meets Monday thru Friday for three weeks (2 hours each session). The class requires one Saturday morning class to reach required 16 sessions of classroom training.

Behind the wheel training can begin once the student completes the first week of class and passes the permit test. After receiving a permit, the student or parent can make driving appointments online. There are a total of 7 sessions of in car training, 2 hours each session. Each session consist of one hour of drive time and one hour of observation.

Students are allowed to miss up to 5 classroom days, which all missed classroom days must be made-up upon completion.

Students can start classroom training at 14 1/2 years of age, and can begin behind the wheel training once they turn 15.

The Teen Driver Course is $400. To Register a $200 deposit is required and balance must be paid by the 10th classroom day. (2 weeks from the classroom start date)

Online Courses are also available.

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Teen Driver Education

Fast track teen classes $500

Complete the Teen Drivers Ed In-Person classroom instruction in 8 days! This package includes 32 hours of classroom instruction, permit certification, and seven Lessons of behind the wheel training for only $500.

This fast-track package is only offered in our afternoon session 4PM to 8PM . Teenagers will do four hours Monday through Friday the first week and Monday through Wednesday the following week to complete all 32 hours of classroom instruction.

Once students receive their learners permit, they can begin in car instruction with one of our certified instructors.


Fast Track Teen Summer Classes

Convenience Package $453

First six hours are customized for the individual student. After completion of the first six hours of class, the student will take the written permit test.Once the student has more time in their schedule, they can join any of our scheduled classes to complete the remaining 26 hours.

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